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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”
- John F. Kennedy

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i'm going to write this shit because i can

Posted by JKHP - August 20th, 2021

rember this:

[insert old listing entry post]

Currently I am working on a game called CUBESHOTS, a rhythmic bullet hell game written in Java (based from the tutorial and game Wave© by RealTutsGML). Inspired from Geometry Dash and JSAB, the prototype is available on GitHub and will be re-written in Unity3D for portability. I NEED YOUR HELP! I need artists, writers, etc.

if not, i'm making another one that's even better…

hi, if you don't know me, i'll introduce myself further from this post, but for now, what the hell even is this?

we are just a bunch of random people on the internet who will be making a lotta games, and i dare you to join us, if you are an artist, musician, writer, programmer, or want to voice act on one of our projects, i'll welcome you to our discord server

is money involved in this listing? sadly no, i just started doing this recently, and it was my first time doing this, i did this for fun and to gain some experience in socializing with everyone…

Note: this only applies on me, i dunno about you, everyone can figure something out (making money), it's just that i don't have the confidence…

the perks you get:

your name on the credits, meaning you will leave a mark and legacy on this world cuz these games will change everything

you can get access to my paid assets i got from the unity asset store

geometry dash 2.2

access on the dead discord server

laugh over me because my life is a joke

you can become our boss really, cuz i ain't doing that shit

ok enough talk, who are we?

the people that make silly and weird games


@JKHP - a random homeless dude that writes bad code than yanderedev on his crappy low-end laptop. he made the factions and has a lotta ideas. he can understand the language of the gods (computers) called c#, java, js, python. yep that's basically me

@Zecreep - i don't like this dude, might ban him later on the server…

@wingtsunku - a cool programmer that converts my bad code to good code, basically my debugger. he introduced me on using unity3d

@m4cgyver - he uses java and libgdx as framework, i dunno…


@lalo18 - awesome dude, he makes sick art and he's currently making an fnf mod by himself, go check it out

@jinmessan - has a lotta ideas on bosses on the game, pls make more!

@mrmeow21 - <insert his spanish introduction here>

@muiry - makes sick pixel art. can also do normal art art. plays geometry dash…

@lunydoobles - he made sex anime, support him on patreon


@xenosidemusic - currently busy atm, fire collab when?

@whitefiregd - makes music on some of my projects. makes awesome music and one of them got frontpaged. makes osts and sfxs for the game

@zecreep - what are you doing in here again? that's it i'm calling the cops

@lonestar1147 - makes underrated chiptune and just joined newgrounds recently, check out his works

@JKHP - yep, that's me again, i make shit music


@beterborker - currently writing the lore of one of my projects…

@JKHP - cubeshots lore, the only work i'm proud of, pls don't read it, it's cringe…

vena - one of my former classmates, writes stories and stuff on wattpad, recently published her book, i forgot the title, lol…


@palefreak - i always see him on the newgrounds frontpage massage, that's why…

doremi somi - cute voice featured on this, this, and this video…

kamiya - coming soon


sgt peppers - my brother who lives in the basement (introvert), i forced him to make a manga and an anime adaptation of shotgun king…

@zecreep - cuz fuck him…

mairu - beta tester or something…

that's the people, but where are the silly and weird games?

that's the neat part… you do……


join pink and cyan on their journey thru this bullet hell, iso perspective, side scroller, procedurally-generated sandbox rhythm game…

wip title screen by @mrmeow21


wip pink by @lalo18


wip general spyk by @jinmessan


more art here

printer lore

release date: when it's done


a gta punching simulator couch game because my brother trashed me on age on empires 3

inspired from this track by @waxterk with permission to use

punchface dev footage 3

release date: when the impostor is sus


*trigger warning*

a psychological horror game based on my nightmares i recorded from my notes…

one of it was i saw the KKK killing someone (maybe my uncle) on the tv, my parents got arrested by men in black (the dude with glasses from the matrix), and actual me getting my limbs tore off like a chicken atop a treehouse

release date: click here to reveal


a simple word puzzle game i made when i was a kid

*show gui here

release date: 4/20/69


an anime based third-person shooter video game with sick lore i made with my brother, basically punchface story mode

lore draft:

so this was like, the mc saw his parents get killed by assassins, then revenge blah blah blah, he joined the assassins association to find the people to killed his parents, he found friends like tactical shield-u, bow and arrow (later cross-o bow-o), and knife-u, assassins were named to their weapons, and he was pretty good at using a shotgun, so that's how he gets his alias, atop the organization was like sniper rifle…

release date: when the


an age of empire rip-off strategy game in memoriam of the creator of game of life

[missing footage]

release date: …

editor's notes: damn, compiling everything was hard, hope this works

all release dates are just a joke, don't take it seriously

cubeshots dedicated to my uncle, rest in peace

what? are you still reading this? you must be bored, here take my free 3 months of youtube premium that discord gave me, just send me a screenshot before or after you claim it





I don't gonna read all this, but good luck in making your game

thanks mate

Ost and sfx?

Also sure this will be fun

Im also gaining experience in music producing